These are my most respected professors who have taught me great skills in the art of healing.

Dr. Baisong Zhong has been a very patient professor guiding me in using herbal formulas and using his special techniques in treating immune deficiency problems and cancer. To this day, I still follow Dr. Baisong Zhong to further absorb his skills.
Dr. Lin Jia is probably one of the most demanding professor I have ever encountered. He has a high expectation from his students. I have learned to respect Dr. Jia’s demanding expectation. He has helped me perfect my skills in locating acupoints. Through his training, I have acquired the necessary skill in treating many conditions with Tuina, including adolescents through Pediatric Tuina.
Dr. Yanfang Liu has paved the way for me to treat female infertility and female related problems. Through her teaching I have learned to respect the female body. She is also very knowledgeable in Chinese herbs. She is one of the first professor to really allow me to appreciate the art of using right combination of herbs. Her motto for using herbal formulas is “less is best.” She also showed me the way of properly diagnosing a condition by separating the acute and chronic stages of an ailment so that the best treatment plan can be devised for a patient.