This website is to help my patients understand what Traditional Chinese Medicine is and what it can treat.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is  complete medical system used to diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses by addressing patterns of imbalance in the body to promote self-healing. Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the source of the illness, rather than just treating the symptoms.  Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM has been around for over 5,000 years.  This system was once used to treat Emperors (Kings) of China!  There is a reason why it has survived throughout several millenniums, because it works!

Acupuncture is just one modality of TCM.  Acupuncture is a non-evasive treatment method that has been around for several thousands of years. It is proven to be effective to treat many conditions. Acupuncture uses sterile needles to manipulate the bioenergy (Qi) of the body to promote self healing.

The most common forms of TCM practiced today in the modern world is acupuncture and herbal medicine.  These two combinations can treat practically anything, depending on the skill level of the practitioner.

I have been practicing medicine for over 15 years now.  It has been an exciting JOURNEY for me!!  TCM has opened a new world for me of understanding the ancient knowledge by the ancient people of China.  Along my journey, I have successfully treated many impossible cases.  TCM has allowed me to see the deeper understanding of how the body works.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to help my patients and sharing insightful knowledge with some of the best acupuncturists around the world.

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